Monday, 24 August 2015

Exploring Montelupone, Le Marche, Italy

A few years ago my parents brought a derelict farm house, in a small rural village called Montelupone. Close to where my grandparents where born and family still live. This year was the first time I visited the house and the area and I completely fell in love with the charm. 

The house itself is so far from finished. With overgrown bushes taking over the building, missing windows and holes in walls. But they have visions that in a couple of years it will become the most beautiful holiday home for our family.

I can understand why they snapped the property up though, because the village looks like something from a movie set. Cobbled streets, stunning tumbling hill views and quaint Italian houses. 

Whilst shooting we bumped into the local tailor who worked out of his garage. He told us he has been doing the same job for 60 years and uses all the same traditions. Had to take a photo to show you, Italy is the country that never looses its charm. 


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