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Hello beautiful people!

Here is my story so far from start to present, just see it as a really short mini autobiography. 

My mum was in fashion, working for the very well known Debenhams. She was a a real city career girl. My dad a tiler from South London, they met in their late teenage years in an East London pub. 

They bought a two up, two down in Walthemstow, East London where they lived happily for many years. 
They went on to have my older sister Georgia and four months later my mum fell pregnant with me, baby number two. My mother soon discovered a career change needed to happen in order to be involved in our upbringing as much as possible. 

My mum decided to become a foster carer when I was thirteen months, after she met a carer in Pizza Hut (
of all the places.)  I am fortunate enough today to have three birth siblings, three fostered siblings and many foster siblings from the past. I love them all dearly and through all the ups and downs, tears and tantrums I can still say I am forever blessed. 

I attended a language school due to my mums Italian heritage called the 'Anglo European.' Whilst in sixth form, I met my serious boyfriend Arg who I later went on to appear on TOWIE with. 

After dead end jobs I decided to move to Marbella, Spain with my boyfriend Arg to have some fun working in a bar. We broke up during this time and he flew back to England to appear on TOWIE. I was later contacted by the show to appear on it as well. After much consideration I decided to take the plunge (mainly as they promised to pay for my flight and excess luggage.)
My first ever scene on TOWIE was horrendous, I was stiff and awkward and looked like coco the clown. But after a few weeks, months and years I became very natural around the cameras. I have been through a complete emotional roller coaster having to go through months of heartache in front of the nation. Although I also got to make amazing life long friends and achieve things I never thought would ever be possible. 

Taking full advantage of the opportunity I was given by TOWIE I opened up my first business in the form of my boutique 'Bella Sorella.' I went in very blind eyed and thought "opening a boutique, how hard can it be?" I purchased a few books like "business for dummies" but opened the first couple of pages and put it straight down. It was very tough and the beginning and understanding things like council tax and VAT registration took weeks. But now five years on, we still have our beautiful online international boutique and have opened seven pop up shops around the UK over the years.  

Shortly after launching my boutique and buying from a number of brands I realised that there was a gap in the market for a real 1950's, glamorous  occasion wear label. Thats when I launched my first clothing collection and my second business venture. I have now launched three collections with buyers such as River Island, Very, ASOS, Lispy, Bank to name a few. 

Fashion for me has always brought me excitement, inspiration and confidence. I feel so lucky that now I have built a career around it, it really is a dream. '
Style is a way to say who you are, without having to speak.' I really hope that my fashion sense showcases who I am as a person and tells a bit of my story. 

I hope you can use my blog to inspire your fashion sense and pick up tips along the way.

Love always


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