Monday, 23 May 2016

#MondayMakeover Homemade Face Mask

I am obsessed with facial scrubs, exfoliators and masks. I am very lucky that I am always being sent new beauty products to test and trial. 

But I also like experimenting with mother nature and making my very own homemade super cheap solutions. 

Here is a mask my nan has been using since she was a teenager and has passed on her knowledge, banana, rolled oats and honey. 

Banana is great at making the skin feel softer, oats act as a soft exfoliant and help reduce dry skin and honey helps fight bacteria.  

I would suggest using a small sized mushy, yellow, brown banana. Along with 1/2 a cup of rolled oats and one table spoon of manuka honey. 

Mix and mush all your ingredients into a bowl to make a thick paste.

Apply the ingredients thoroughly to the face, with clean hands (probably best to do this over a sink as it can get messy.)

Leave the product on the skin for around 15 minutes. Before gently removing with a soft sponge and cold water. Remember to moisturise the skin after to lock in the moisture. 

Here are a few more of my favourite face masks currently on the high street. 

This product is 100% natural which I love. It involves mixing rose water and clay in a handy little pot and spoon to make a thick paste. You then apply this to the face for 30 minutes whilst it hardens, before removing with water. Skin after feels really even clear.

Sanctuary Spa 5 minute thermal detox mask 

This charcoal and clay mask feels amazing and like no other. It naturally heats up whilst on the face helping open up the pores whilst feeling amazingly relaxing. Skin after feels awakened and super soft


Friday, 20 May 2016

Lemon Lace Loving

I have always been a fan of a maxi dresses. They are a great day to night investment, team with heels for a stand out evening look. Team with strappy flat sandals for a boho feel. 

This one incorporates some of my favourite, elegant traits in fashion, crochet, pleats and a synch in waistband

Pastel are always my dream and a great pallette for the transition of spring to summer. This gorgeous lemon is also great at showing of a sun kissed tan.

More of my favourite yellow high street maxis 


Friday, 13 May 2016

Return of the Maxi

The sun has finally graced the streets of Essex. Which means we can finally wear our summer time maxis. 

Maxis are a great day to night piece. Dress them with a flat sandal or espadrille for an effortless, boho look. Team with a strappy, healed sandal for a glamorous night time affair. 

Love this maxi from our new maxi dress collection now online at Bella Sorella.


Some more of my favourite high street maxis;


Monday, 9 May 2016

#GetGlowing with Natural Collection

Summer is just around the corner, HALLELUJAH! Time for a new #GetGlowing look.

My glam regime changes with each season. Winter is all about embracing the snow white skin, ruby red lips and Hollywood glamour waves. Spring is time to embrace dewy skin, rosy pink lips and straight effortless hair (see my #FreshFaceFoward post to create this look.) Autumn means a coral lip, peachy skin tone and tamed, curled hair. Summer for me means time to fish out the fake tan, load on the bronzer and create the ultimate beach wave. 

So here is my #GetGlowing look created in 10 minutes using only Natural Collection makeup exclusively to Boots in store and online, with a total value of under £20

Step 1 Base 

After cleansing, toning and mositurising your face. Start by applying your base the Natural Collection £1.99 Tinted Moisturiser. I have used the shade Natural but it also comes in two more shades, fair and beige. 

Tinted moisturisers are a great alternative to foundation. Summer time is all about wearing makeup that is breathable to cope with humid weather. This formula is great at giving all over coverage so skin tone looks even, but equally it still allows my freckles to shine through and appears as if I have very little on. 

I have buffed this into the skin using a small fibre brush, these are great at quick, easy application. 

Always ensure to blend the product into the neck and ears to avoid embarrassing lines.

Step 2 Dusting 

Following this apply the Natural Collection £1.99 Pressed Powder I have opted for the shade Neutral however there are three shades to choose from. 

Apply this using a fluffy eye-shadow brush, to blot the T-zone area. This includes above the brows, down the nose and on the chin. This is to minimize shine caused by sweat throughout the day. This would be the ultimate item to pop in your bag on a night out, to dust in the ladies when you break from the dance floor. A sweaty face is never a good look. 

Step 3 Bronze 

The most important part of this look to really achieve that summer glow look is bronzer. I am using the Natural Collection £1.99 Suntint Bronzing Powder in the shade golden glow. Along with two brushes, a medium size fibre brush and a contour brush. Using the fibre brush shade the perimeter of the face, blending the product into the hair line. Brush the top of the head, the sides of the face and under the chin. This will slim the face and give that sun kissed look. 

Then using the contour brush rub the product underneath the cheek bones and either side of the nose, to contour the face.

Step 4 Blush

The last stage before we move onto the eyes is blushing the cheeks, using the Natural Collection £1.99 Blushed Cheeks in the shade pink cloud. 

Apply this using a small powder brush to the apples of the cheeks. This will give your face a flash of colour and the look of youth. 

Step 5 Eyes 

Now we move onto the eyes which can be done in a matter of minutes, using the Natural Collection £1.99 Solo Eyeshadow pots. I have choose three shades white opal, butterscotch and milk chocolate, but there are over 20 shades in the collection. 

I always use a different brush for every pot otherwise all the colours start blending into one. . 

Using one brush apply the colour milk chocolate to the eye lid, this will really make your eye colour pop if you have blue or green eyes. Using your second brush apply the colour butterscotch to the remainder of the eye, this is you base and blending colour. Lastly using the tapered brush apply the shade opal to the brow bone, to highlight the area when hitting the light. This is the quickest way to achieve a gorgeous smokey eye. 

Step 6 Lashes 

Coat the lashes with the Natural Collection £1.99 Lash Curl Mascara (exclusively in store.) 

I can never leave the house without a lashing of mascara. It opens up my eyes and makes my whole face look more alive and awake.

Natural Collection for me have the best formula and wand I have ever tried. Apply to the back and front of the top and bottom lash, always ensuring to wipe away the access at the nib to avoid clumping. 

Step 7 Lining 

Line the lips using the Natural Collection £1.99 Lip Lines Pencil (exclusively in-store.) I have opted for the shade Ruby Rose. Lip liner is great for framing the lips, making them appear bigger and also for creating a barrier between the lipstick and it bleeding into the skin. 

Step 8 Final Touch 

The last stage to this look, is applying the lipstick. I am using the Natural Collection £1.99 Sheer Natural Lipstick in Raspberry. This is the perfect match to the ruby rose lip-liner and the best way to make your tan pop. This lipstick has great last and is also super moisturising for the lip. Great for holidays after getting sun cracked lips. 

There you have it the perfect way to achieve my #GetGlowing look. Keep a look out for more Natural Collection makeovers coming to my blog very soon. 

Want to achieve this look? Watch the full tutorial here:


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