Monday, 17 August 2015

Monday: Beauty

One of my most treasured holidays is my annual trip to Le Marche, Italy. Birthplace to my grandparents and home to many more family members. I have spent endless summers riding the waves, cycling around the piazzas and eating spaghetti until my stomach hurts.

When I visit I spend my days on the beach, tucked into a book and spend my evenings dining at our favorite family restaurants. No partying, no big, bouncy blow dry’s and very minimal makeup.

So before I packed I decided to invest in some new lightweight holiday makeup and came across ‘Natural Collection.’ I had read about the brand in magazines and at £1.99 per product it seemed the obvious choice to trial. So I spent just under £26 on a whole new makeup bag consisting of thirteen products (not bad going, considering some brands charge this per product.) So here is my guide to a bargain, summer, and fruitful makeup bag.

‘Tinted Moisturiser’ is a great alternative to foundation on your summer holidays. I always find my skin clears up in the sun, so I have less blemishes and my face comes alive with freckles. So why cover all that up with a thick foundation? This tinted moisturiser blends seamlessly giving sheer coverage and a natural glow. Apply using fingers or a fiber brush in circular rotations.

If like me you are a fan of a matt complexion, a great staple piece for your makeup bag is this ‘Warm Pressed Powder. ‘ Summer heat usually creates shine but this helps reduce ‘oily face syndrome’ and helps set your makeup to last longer throughout the day. Apply using a powder brush by dabbing lightly onto the skin. Don’t rub too hard, as this will remove your base.

Whilst I am usually a massive fan of contouring, ‘Blushed Cheeks’ are a great look for a youthful, natural, sun kissed look. Apply lightly using a powder brush on your cheekbones and upper cheek for a flush of rosy colour.

When it comes to eye shadows I prefer earthy tones, nude, browns, khakis and purples. I try to stay neutral on the eye so I can have more fun with colour on my lips. These are three great shades of shadow that I found from ‘Natural Collection.’ A glittered gold ‘Asteroid’ for an under eye shadow to make the blue in my eye POP, a soft purple ‘Heather’ for inside my socket and blended on my lid. Along with a true nude ‘Willow’ to apply on the brow bone. Apply these with a flat definer brush and blending brushes for a light, smoky eye.

Unfortunately I wasn’t blessed with the biggest eyes, so I have to be really careful when applying eyeliner. Whilst it is great for framing your eyes, if like me you have small eyes only apply in the corners to avoid making your eyes disappear.

Like every girl out there I am a massive champion of long lashes. Whilst I have tried every fake eyelash out there when it comes to holidays, its nice to give your eyelashes a little rest. Good mascara can help you achieve great results and this ‘Water Guard’ waterproof mascara really did add fullness and length without giving a caked on look.

Like most girls, I would love fuller more framed lips. This is when lip liner becomes your best friend. Shape your lips and build more size using a great pencil. I loved this ‘Ruby Rose’ shade to compliment the ‘Rose Bud’ moisture shine lipstick. Or use the pencil to completely color in your lips for a Matt finish.

My skin and lips become very dry on holiday, so I ensure I use thick creams, soothing lip balms and moisture lipsticks. Whilst I love a matt lip color they do often make my lips crack and with the added pressure of the sun I try to avoid these on holiday. I loved these two shades ‘Rose Bud,’ and ‘Crimson’ that gave very long lasting great colour.

Fantastic handbags essential are lip-glosses. They add instant glamour and are great for applying on the go. These where my favorite shades for this summer from Natural Collection, also they have a really great fruity flavor (like your first every lip balms.) A soft pink ‘Sherbet Fizz,’ and a barley there nude ‘Barley Sugar.’

So there you have it a bargain, summer, ample makeup bag for under £26. All available to buy exclusively at Boots.

Make sure you check back on Monday where I will be blogging fashion.

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