Friday, 28 August 2015

My Travel Beauty Regime

My daily beauty regime has taken years to perfect. I have tried and tested every well known brand, every new lotion and every secret potion. But when it comes to travelling why not just keep things simple. Clarins has been one of my favourite beauty brand since I was a young girl. My grandmother introduced it to me when I was a teenager and I have been hooked ever since. 

This travel essential bag is perfect for your holidays. Small, easy to transport bottles and all the absolute essentials to ensure you skin feels nourished and pampered on your holidays. 

I couldn't find my exact travel set on the market although this is a very similar option. Alternatively you can buy the products separately and make your own essential package. 

If like me your a fan of eye heavy eye makeup, you need yourself a good eye makeup remover. I love this product as it isn't heavily scented so very soothing and cooling on the eye. It is also great at what it does and even removes unwanted eyelash glue. Use cotton pads to rub in circular motions.

This cleanser is great at removing pollution from the skin and leaves your face feeling fresh and alive. Apply a generous amount to cotton pads and glide over face, don't forget the neck. 

This is a must have product if you are going on a sunshine trip. Sun dries out my skin and leaves it feeling leathery and damaged. This is a great product of injecting lots of essential vitamins to bring your skin back to life. Apply a small amount to your finger tips and pat onto the face.

These are two fantastic nourishing bases to apply everyday. The cream is great to apply on dry skin to give a really quench of moisture. The Beauty Flash Balm is fantastic to apply before makeup as it is light and brightens the skin like a primer.

This eye contour balm wasn't part of my travel set however I think its always good to invest in a good eye product. Eyes are the most sensitive part of the face and most prone to wrinkles and fine lines. This balm is soothing, lightweight and gives of a nice dewy finish. Apply by gently patting under the eyes.

To finish of my beauty regime I apply lashings of lip balm. This tube is great as its easy to apply and can double up as a clear gloss. Its fantastic for cracked, sun dried lips and the perfect finish to a good ol pampering.

So there you have it my travel beauty regime. Check back on Monday for my weekly fashion post. 

Big kisses 


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