Thursday, 17 August 2017

Colour physchology

I have always been aware of how colours change our mood, however recently I have really tried to embrace colour choices depending on whats going on in my life and to inspire my mood. 

I am just about to embark on a whole new travel adventure so white seems a very fitting choice at the moment. White reflects new beginnings, purity and sophistication. 

Red reflects courage, strength and energy. A colour for the gym or for when embarking on a physically tough challenge. 

Blue shows intelligence, trust and efficiency. The perfect colour to wear for a work interview. 

Yellow shouts optimism, emotional strength and confidence. A fitting colour to surround yourself in if you are going through a break up.

Pink screams feminity, love and sexuality. This is the colour to embrace on a first date, but don't wear to much (boys don't dig candy floss looks.)

Black the most popular colour in most peoples wardrobes oozes glamour, security and emotional safety. Which is why people often say "Black is my safe colour." 

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