Monday, 13 June 2016

My favourite pre styling products

Unfortunately I naturally have very curly, frizzy hair (I take after my mum.) So it takes a lot of taming, styling and fiddling to achieve my tonged, beach waves. Here are my favourite products and equipment to use when drying before styling. 

Step 1

Towel dry hair. 

Step 2 

Brush through the knots using a Tangle Tamer this brush is brilliant at pain free, gliding. Easily the best detangled I have ever used.  

Step 3 

Spray on evenly 12 Effects Hair Milk. This product smells incredible and makes your hair feel silky soft.  

Step 4 

Comb the product through the hair. 

Step 5 

Protect you hair from the dryer always using a Heat Protection Spray. This one is super light and non sticky it also contains lots of vital vitamins and minerals to support your hair. 

Step 6

Brush through the hair using every girls best friend a Tangle Teezer Brush

Step 7 

Dry you hair using the Nicky Clarke DesiRed Hair Dryer. This dryer is great with three heat and speed options its also super lightweight. 

Step 8 

Finish with a spray of Headrush Shine Spray. To give your hair that extra dazzle. 

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