Friday 24 June 2016

Festival Make Up Must Haves For Only £1.99

With Glastonbury leading the party train this week, its finally festival season YAYYYYYYYYY :D!!!!! Its time to pull out the Hunter wellies, daisy dukes and flower, power love.

Festival beauty is a tricky one. You want to experiment and push the boundaries, trying something a little new. But you also don't want anything too heavy. You have to wear it all day and quite frankly spending hours pampering yourself in the morning from your tent means less time shuffling to your favourite tunes.

So here is my favourite festival makeup look that I will be rocking this season, which can be done in a super speedy 30 minutes. Im using all Natural Collection cosmetics, exclusively sold at boots. What I love the most is that every item is £1.99, meaning the whole look can be created for £15.92.  BARGAIN!

Step 1 Prep

As I say with every makeup look, always ensure that your face is cleansed, toned and moisturised before applying your base. Doing this will ensure that your makeup holds for longer throughout the day. It also prevents cracking and blotching caused by dry skin. See my ultimate skin prepping post for my favourite pre makeup products.

Step 2 Base: Natural Collection £1.99 Tinted Moisturiser

I have opted for a tinted moisturiser for the base. For a festival look you want something lightweight and natural. A tinted moisturiser allows your skin to breathe all day and gives you that soft, youthful summer time glow. Apply using a fibre brush in circular motions. These brushes are great at applying products evenly at speed.

Step 3: Conceal: Natural Collection £1.99 Cover-Up Stick

Lets be honest who sleeps at a festival? The party doesn't stop and the sleeping arrangements are less than desirable. This unfortunately means most mornings you wake up with eye bags like pandas. This is where a trusty cover up stick becomes your best friend. Apply the product onto the skin and pat in using a finger or a beauty sponge, do not rub.

Step 4: Dust: Natural Collection £1.99 Blushed Cheeks

Nothing says summer like rosy cheeks. Dust a small amount of blusher (in the shade pink cloud) onto the apples of the cheek. This blusher is actually the best selling brand and shade in the whole of Boots. It really is the nations favourite. Apply using a small powder brush in circular motions.

Step 5: Shadow: Natural Collection £1.99 Solo eyeshadow

Shadow for me is where you can have the fun. Natural collection have over twenty solo pots with lots of wonderful colours. Glitter tears has become a massive 2016 festival makeup trend. I am using the shimmer shades Willow and Fine Silver, to create a sparkly, on trend, youthful look.

Using a shadow brush apply Willow to the eye lid and just under the waterline. Following this use a second tapered shadow brush to created a pointed triangle tear using the shade fine silver. Also apply this shadow in the corner of the eyes.

Step 6: Frame the eye: Natural Collection £1.99 Liquid Eye Liner (exclusively instore)

Create a defined, feline, dramatic eye using the liquid eye liner. This for me is the trickiest part when doing my makeup. Im not very patient and don't have a very steady hand. But the brush applicator on this product is teeny tiny (the smallest brush I have ever seen on a liquid liner) making it a lot easier to control.

Step 7: Lengthen the lashes: Natural Collection £1.99 Water Guard Mascara 

The Natural Collection mascaras are the best I have ever used. They lengthen, volumize and make your lashes that perfect shade of jet black. You only want to wear waterproof at a festival. Lets all be honest the chances of rain are very high and we can all get a little emotional after a drink :D

Step 8: Gloss: Natural Collection £1.99 Tinted Lip Balm

I have kept the lips very simple with this look as for me the rule is dramatic eyes or dramatic lip. You can't do the both, without the risk of looking like your in drag makeup. This subtle tinted lip balm adds that glossy finish whilst also being super hydrating for the lips.

The final look!!!!!

There you have it my favourite festival makeup look. Try this look out at home and don't forget to #festivalessentials #festivalmusthaves 

Peace and Love


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