Monday, 23 May 2016

#MondayMakeover Homemade Face Mask

I am obsessed with facial scrubs, exfoliators and masks. I am very lucky that I am always being sent new beauty products to test and trial. 

But I also like experimenting with mother nature and making my very own homemade super cheap solutions. 

Here is a mask my nan has been using since she was a teenager and has passed on her knowledge, banana, rolled oats and honey. 

Banana is great at making the skin feel softer, oats act as a soft exfoliant and help reduce dry skin and honey helps fight bacteria.  

I would suggest using a small sized mushy, yellow, brown banana. Along with 1/2 a cup of rolled oats and one table spoon of manuka honey. 

Mix and mush all your ingredients into a bowl to make a thick paste.

Apply the ingredients thoroughly to the face, with clean hands (probably best to do this over a sink as it can get messy.)

Leave the product on the skin for around 15 minutes. Before gently removing with a soft sponge and cold water. Remember to moisturise the skin after to lock in the moisture. 

Here are a few more of my favourite face masks currently on the high street. 

This product is 100% natural which I love. It involves mixing rose water and clay in a handy little pot and spoon to make a thick paste. You then apply this to the face for 30 minutes whilst it hardens, before removing with water. Skin after feels really even clear.

Sanctuary Spa 5 minute thermal detox mask 

This charcoal and clay mask feels amazing and like no other. It naturally heats up whilst on the face helping open up the pores whilst feeling amazingly relaxing. Skin after feels awakened and super soft


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