Tuesday, 19 April 2016

How To Create My Holly-Beach Wave

I love experimenting and over the years I have had black, brown, ginger and blonde hair. Pixie cut, lob and full on mane with extensions. Now I have gone back to my roots, (quite literally growing it out) and natural length. 

So instead of experimenting with cutting or dying, I am trying new hair styles. 

This wave for me is in-between a Hollywood 1950s wave and a modern day beach wave. I like to call it my Holly-Beach wave and its great for that day to night look. Its really simple and can be done in less than 30 minutes. Here is my step by step guide. 

You will need:

Step 1

Use your brush to comb out any knots and separate hair. 

Step 2 
Using your hair clip separate your first section of hair. I would recommend sectioning your hair into four rows overall. 

Step 3 
Part your first row into two/three sections depending on the thickness of your hair. Before tonging rub your fingers through the section to gather the hair together. 

Step 3 
Using your wand facing downwards wrap the hair around the top of the wand in a anticlockwise motion. Hold the hair for 10 seconds on the highest heat before realising. Take care with fingers when using the appliance. When wrapping the hair do so at the thickest end of the wand, to create that loose wave look.

Your first row should look like this.

Step 4 
Repeat this step with the second and third row parting your hair into around four sections each time, depending on the thickness of your hair. The bigger the sections the loser the wave.

Step 6 
When you reach the top of the head, the section of hair that frames the face. Gently rock the wand back and forth at the root to iron out any fly aways and smooth the hair then follow suit curling with the wand.

Your hair should look something like this. 

Step 7 
Comb out the hair to separate the sections, which will make the hair frizz. Then using the ultimate oil dispense one pump onto the palms of your hand, rub together and gently comb with fingers through the curls to tame.

Step 8
Spray the hair all over so the style holds.

Voila, there you have it my Holly-Beach wave.

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