Friday, 11 December 2015

beauty : my ultimate skin prepping products

So this post I am revealing my must have products for skin prepping before you apply your makeup. Skin prepping is so important as makeup can really dry out your skin and clog up pores. Having a good routine pre makeup ensures your makeup stays on longer and prevents break outs and dull looking skin. 

I naturally have very dry skin so the skin products I use are very hydrating and nourishing. If you naturally have oily skin I would still recommend using steps 1, 3 & 4. Although substitute step 2 'your cream' with the Clarins Ultra-Matte Rebalancing Lotion. Lotions aren't as thick and oil based as creams and this one has been great for me in the past if my skin has been producing to much oil and shine. 

Always start your skin prep with a serum. It acts as a mini facial, giving your skin a good soaking of goodness. This is one of my faves as its extremely lightweight and when dry it isn't visible or oily. Apply three pumps over face and neck and leave for 30 seconds to dry and sink in before moving onto step 2. 

This is the most important step and the one beauty product I would always suggest investing in. Creaming your face is so important at protecting your skin from the pollution damage, makeup and the weather. I love this cream as it has a SPF protection, eight hour stay. It is also a great cream for suffers of dry skin because its extremely thick and leaves the skin feeling soft and silky. 

I bought this ointment in Australia this year after hearing lots of people raving about it (its massive over there.) Its not really well known in the UK, but I'm sure it will be within the next five years. This is great for a number of things including treating burns and rashes but also makes a great lip balm. Apply in your skin prepping to make your lips kissably smooth but remember to remove before applying lipstick/gloss.

The last stage is priming. This is a great base for makeup as it ensures it stays and holds better. I prefer using a water than a cream, as I don't like layering to much product. This is lightweight and very cooling, allow 30 seconds for the product to dry before applying makeup and wear a head band to ensure product doesn't get in the hairline. 

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