Saturday, 5 September 2015

Sheet Mask and Eye Gels

Summer, involves a lot of tanning and partying. But this can really dry out our skin and leave it screaming for moisture.  

If you want to save money and the time of having a deep hydrating facial at a salon. These are my two must have products for easy at home use and with great refreshing results.

Sheet masks are all the rage this year. You may look like something from a scary movie whilst using the treatment but the results make you feel like a fairy princess after. 

The ease of use is fantastic and you can find a sheet mask for basically every skin type. This is one of my favourites on the market ‘Masque Bar,' Its soothing, refreshing and leaves your skin feeling soaked in moisture.

Just ensure that your face is clean and thoroughly cleansed before, (see my post from last week about daily beauty regimes.) Then simply dry your face, apply the mask, smooth and leave it on to do its thing for 30 minutes, (whilst you watch your favourite episode of TOWIE :D)

You can  find Masque Bar sheet masks for every skin type, here are a few options below. 

When removing your face will feel wet, ensure your hands are clean and pat your face clean. When dry apply the eye gels for a further 10 minutes to give your sensitive skin around the eyes some added tender, love and care. 

When this is complete remove the pads and apply your usual daily regime. 

So there you have it my at home fave sheet masks and eye pads. Check back on Monday for my weekly fashion post. 

Big kisses 


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