Friday, 29 May 2015

My May Monthly Beauty Pick

I love beauty as much as I love fashion. Nail, Lashes, Lips and Hair… I am always obsessed with finding the next 'must have products' that are going to allow me to feel and look fabulous. I was first introduced to Hairburst by a friend of mine whose glossy locks I had been admiring. I asked her what her secret was and she disclosed it wasn't the new hairbrush she was using, or a great shampoo, it was in fact a little tablet that she was taking once a day, a hair vitamin if you will!

I checked the product out online - the information may sound a little bit scientific, but what I did understand from the text is that is as important to look at what we put into our bodies as much as the products we use on the outside. The Hairburst ingredients are all natural and are made up of a combination of vitamins that are water soluble which allow your body to digest them easily.

I do use hair extensions, like most girls I love the big-volume look hair - and whilst maintaing my extensions to a high level with the help of my fab hairdresser, Malcolm Murphy, I am aware that it is important to keep my real hair as healthy as possible. I like to use a soft brush on my hair when brushing it when its dry, and a tangle teaser when I have conditioner in the shower. 

I have now been taking Hairburst daily for nearly 3 months and I really have noticed a difference, my roots seem to be growing out quicker (maybe not always a good problem, lol!), my hair feels softer, and I have even noticed that my skin feels smoother too. Since using hairburst my hair has now grown nearly two inches. I have noticed that my once dry, bleached, brittle hair is now strong, shiny and healthy, just in time for summer. 

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